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The Bosscast

Jan 13, 2020

George Ramírez & Mitch Brenner
George Ramírez Is an Ecuadorian immigrant raised in The Bronx, NY. He is a PhD student in Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University. He studies how the technological dimensions of Latino social media, podcasts, and digital art help formulate a pan-ethnic Latino culture. George is also a part time band and orchestra teacher at KIPP NYC College Prep. You can find him dancing to bachata, hiking somewhere upstate, or listening to Bruce Springsteen whenever he's not reading or writing. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @georgenramirez.
Mitch Brenner is well into his third decade in education.  For the last 17 plus years, he has been privileged to be a part of the community of KIPP Academy and KIPP NYC College Prep in the South Bronx.  He takes great pride in having built classrooms filled with rigor but with a strong foundation in relationships, community, family and the joy of the opening guitar riffs of Rosalita nearly every day.  In his spare time he'll be wherever the Boss is live in concert within range of New York City, and occasionally far further. For more joy and gratitude, follow him on Facebook ( or on Instagram (@mitchseevuplay).